Other Useful Badge Information

​August Action Badges

Service is a fundamental part of the Australian Guiding Program. In August girls are given the opportunity to develop skills in planning and carrying out a project in a team to raise funds for selected charities.

August Action Badges can be ordered from the shop at a cost of $1 per badge using this form. This is the same form used for sending in the donation from your Unit's fundraising efforts. Please note that postage for these badges is now provided to you free of charge.

Triple Treat Badges

​Triple Treat Badges are a fantastic way to encourage Girl Guides to introduce their friends into Guiding and help increase membership. The Triple Treat Badge, which can be worn on the sash, is awarded to Guides when they invite a friend to their Unit and the friend decided to become a member. There are three parts to the Triple Treat Badge:

Part One: The Purple Ice-Cream and Cone

When a Guide introduced a friend who then joins Girl Guides Victoria, she will receive the purple ice-cream and cone.

Part Two: The Extra Scoops

Each time a Guide introduces another new friend who joins, she will receive another 'scoop' of ice-cream.

Part Three: The Pink Ice-Cream and Cone-  is now discontinued

This can now be substituted by giving her a swap badge purchased through the shop, such as Welcome to Girl Guides or Friendship

The scoops of ice-cream come in four colours. The first scoop is purple and comes on the cone. This scoop is received when the first new girl is introduced. The second scoop is green and is for the second new girl introduced, and the third scoop is blue for the third new girl introduced. A separate purple scoop is also available so Guides can start the cycle over again. These badges are free, and can be purchased here on our online shop. Please note that postage rates still apply.

Name Badges

The form for ordering personalised name badges can be found here. Please email the completed form to shop@guidesvic.org.au for processing.