Information about our Interest Badges

Within the Australian Guide Program, there are lots of fun badges that you can earn to sew onto your sash! Interest badges can be worked on individually or with your patrol or unit, and are usually purchased by Unit Leaders and presented at a Guide meeting or ceremony. Before beginning a challenge, Guides should discuss their ideas with their Leader or peers. Upon completion of the challenges, girls should share with their Patrol or Unit how they found the challenge. Remember that a 'challenge' will look different for each individual girl! We have four types of interest badges: ​Create a Challenge​, ​Explore a Challenge​, ​Achieve a Challenge​, ​and ​Discover a Challenge​.

Create a Challenge

Create a Challenge badges are open-ended and designed for you to write your own challenges. It is a chance for you to challenge yourself in an area that suits your needs and is of interest to you.​ There are 31 different Create a Challenge badges: Advocacy, Air, Animal Tracks, Australia, Body, Candles, Computer, Design Your Own, Ears, Eyes, Feet, Fire, Fitness, Food, Girls, Hands, Home, Nature, Numbers, Open Book, Other People, Outer Space, Pet, Rope, Scissors, Tent, The Arts, Time, Trees, Water, Wheels, and World.

The syllabus for each Create a Challenge badge can be found in Look Wide. These badges can be sewn on the front of the sash.

Explore a Challenge

The Explore a Challenge badges have set activity ideas to guide you. In each challenge, you need to choose four different activities, one of which you may even make up yourself. There are 11 challenge areas for you to investigate and each area will provide you with a set of challenges to choose from.​ The different Explore a Challenge badges are: Advocacy, Be Prepared, Faith Awareness, Friendship, Guiding, Health and Fitness, Life Skills, Outdoors, Science and Technology, The Arts, and World.

The syllabus for each Create a Challenge badge can be found in Look Wide. These badges can be sewn on the front of the sash.

Achieve a Challenge

These challenges are designed to recognise the skills and abilities of the individual. Completing each challenge will show that you have reached a set of skills in your chosen area. Assessment is to be carried out by an adult with equivalent or greater knowledge in the skill area. This could be a qualified Leader of Youth with the appropriate qualification or skills in your chosen area. There are 13 different Achieve a Challenge badges: Adventure, Advocacy, Boating, Camping, Emergency, Leadership, Life Skills, Outdoors, Safety, Sport, Technology, The Arts, and World Guiding. Achieve a Challenge badges can be earned at three different levels: Trefoil 1 indicates a beginning skill, Trefoil 2 shows an intermediate skill, and Trefoil 3 recognises advanced skill development. Trefoil 3 is for girls aged 14-17, however Trefoils 1 & 2 can be earned by girls of any age.

The syllabus for Achieve a Challenge Trefoils 1 & 2 can be found in Look Wide, and Trefoil 3 is detailedin Look Wider Still. These badges can be sewn on the front of the sash or on the sleeve of the formal Youth Shirt (14-17).​

Discover a Challenge

The Discover a Challenge badges have ten levels, with each badge having a recommended age range: Turquoise (5-7 years), Topaz (6-7 years), Amethyst (7-9 years), Garnet (8-9 years), Agate (9-12 years), Zircon (10-12 years), Jade (11-12 years), Sapphire (12-14 years), Diamond (13-14 years), and Black Opal (14-17 years). A total of ten challenges must be completed to earn each badge.

The syllabus for Discover a Challenge badges can be found in the Australian Guide Handbook for each appropriate age. For more information on our handbooks, please visit our information page. These badges can be worn on the front of the sash, but only the highest badge earned can be worn at any one time. The Black Opal badge can be worn on the formal Youth Shirt (14-17)​.