Information about Handbooks and Badge Books

Here at Girl Guides Victoria we have a number of different printed resources to help Girls and Leaders navigate their Guiding journey. These books can be split into two types: ​Handbooks​ and ​Badge Books​.

In 2013, Girl Guides Australia released the first new Handbooks in two decades! These fun and informative books are a must-have for all members of Guiding.

Youth Handbooks
Handbooks are available for each developmental age group and are jam-packed with fun ideas, activities, and exciting badge challenges. The Discover a Challenge gem badges are outlined in the Youth Handbooks. Each book can be written in to personalise, creating a special Guiding memento. The following Handbooks are available:

Book 1 (red): 5-7 years
Book 2 (orange): 7-9 years
Book 3 (green): 9-12 years
Book 4 (blue): 12-14 years
Book 5 (purple): 14-17 years

These books are for sale in our online shop, and cost $19.95 plus $8 for regular postage.

Adult Handbook
This book contains all the information you need to work through the Youth Handbooks with your unit. The Leader's Handbook is a comprehensive guide to all things relating to running a Guide unit, including outlining the Australian Guide Program.

This book is for sale in our online shop, and costs $29.95 plus $8 for regular postage.​

Badge Books

Look Wide
Look Wide is often referred to as the 'badge book', and it contains the syllabus for interest badges for youth members of all ages. Includes details for completing Create a Challenge, Explore a Challenge, and Achieve a Challenge Trefoils 1 & 2.

Aim High
Aim High is a resource book detailing youth awards - including Junior Baden-Powell, Baden-Powell, and Queen's Guide Awards - with challenges and activities in all areas of Guiding for today's Guide.

Look Wider Still

Look Wider Still is a resource book detailing Achieve a Challenge Trefoil 3 and the Commonwealth Award. Please note that this book is specifically aimed at girls aged 14-17.